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The smartest way to monitor radiation dose

iDOSE is a dose management system that automatically monitors, analyzes and reports the radiation dose received by patients.

All the radiation dose information in one place

Manage radiation dose efficiently, adapt to new technologies and meet changing regulatory standards thanks to our automatic system that collects and analyzes radiation dose. idose allows you to view, monitor and report radiation dose levels with minimal staff involvement.


Seamlessly connect to industry-leading devices

We have designed idose with versatility in mind so you don't have to worry about compatibility with your device. Access data from every kind of x-ray device or PACS system in real-time.


Customizable to suit
your needs

Customize the system to your needs so that you can focus on what's important to you. Maximize productivity and effectiveness by placing all the necessary information where it matters most. And with our smart and modern design, you can access the data and information effortlessly.

Get a clear summary of all the radiation doses

Thanks to our neatly designed dashboard and statistics, you can view the summary of all the diagnostics and see possible anomalies.

Get notified in case of exceeding the permitted dose levels. iDose will send an email or text message alert if any controls are out of the norm.


Keep track of every case

Browse dose history in terms of:
patients, anatomical regions, types
of X-ray examinations and more. Never miss a single case thanks to our innovative online solution that automatically collects all the data about examination dose. Securely access all the information using the web browser.

Features you'll love



(Size-Specific Dose Estimate)

Access the data on the go with mobile access


Display summary exposure data,
with filtering and searching

Get notified in case of exceeding
the permitted dose levels


Get the right software to manage radiation dose.
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